B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

Find here study material i.e. Lecture Notes, Question Paper and Assignment in PDF format. The list of subjects is given below:

  1. Analog Communication (AC)
  2. Automatic Control Systems (ACS)
  3. Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE)
  4. Basic Network Analysis (BNA)
  5. Concepts Of Programming and OOPS
  6. Digital Communication (DC)
  7. Digital Image Processing (DIP)
  8. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  9. Electric Drives (ED)
  10. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Materials (EEEM)
  11. Electromagnetic Field Theory (EMFT)
  12. Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion-I (EMEC-I)
  13. Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion-II (EMEC-II)
  14. Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation (EMI)
  15. Elements of Power Systems (EPS)
  16. Fundamentals of Electronic Engineering (FEE)
  17. Instrumentation
  18. Management
  19. Mathematics-III
  20. Microprocessors and Its Application (MP)
  21. Network Analysis and Synthesis (NAS)
  22. Power Converter Applications (PCA)
  23. Power Electronics (PE)
  24. Project
  25. SCADA & Energy Management System
  26. Seminar
  27. Signals And Systems (SAS)
  28. System Engineering (SE)
  29. Technical Writing (TW)
  30. VLSI Technology
  31. Vocational Training (VT)

“Every Child must be encouraged to get as much education as he has the ability to take. We want this not only for his sake but for the nations sake. Nothing matters more to the future of our country.”

-Lyndon B. Johnson

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  1. First of all Thanks Mr. Sapkota to show faith in info4eee. We have received your query and working on it. We will try to upload it as soon as possible and will share the link on info4eee facebook page.

  2. hello there
    the notes provided on the subject SYSTEM ENGINEERING is very dissatisfactory .
    i would like to request to change it
    as there is nothing basic and there is only the notes of 3rd unit.
    it is quite not good to upload directly 3rd unit without the basic knowledge of 1st and 2nd units.
    and sir the notes are very limitted .

    thank you
    Ranjan kumar Sapkota

  3. Thanks for your kind suggestion Mr. Sapkota. We will forward your query to the author and also try to get 1st and 2nd unit on system engineering.


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