FET APPLICATIONS IN TODAY ANALOG WORLD Suitable for the post of Junior Engineer in BSNL, DMRC, DRDO, PTCUL, RRB, UPCL, etc examination. Application: Buffer Main Advantage: High Zin and Low Zout Uses: General Purpose measuring equipment, receivers. Application: RF Amplifier Main Advantage: Low Noise Uses: FM Tuners, Read More

Overview about Electric Locomotive | Indian Railway

Overview about Electric Locomotive | Indian Railway This post will give you an overview about some parameters i.e. speed, weight, power and manufacturer related to electric locomotive of Indian railway. These parameters vary with the different electric locomotive i.e. Goods Read More

Capacitor- an application

Capacitor- an application Capacitor is an electrostatic energy storage device, Capacitance depends upon the area of plates and inversely proportional to the distance between them. C= KA/d Types of Capacitor: Fixed Capacitor Polarised Capacitor Varying Capacitor Capacitor Behaviour for DC Read More

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

“When Placed in a static magnetic field, certain atomic nuclei assume one of two states: one has a higher energy level and other one has a lower energy level. The energy difference between the two states is linearly proportional to Read More

Application of Electrostatics

Application of Electrostatics: Almost all computer peripheral devices, with the exception of magnetic memory, are based on electrostatic fields. Touch pads, capacitance keyboards, Cathode-Ray Tubes, Liquid Crystal Displays and Electrostatic Printers. In Medical work, diagnosis is often carried out with Read More